Best Laptops in Kenya

best laptops in kenya

Browsing through the web in search for best laptops in Kenya is a daunting task. There are many things one must take into consideration: affordability, functionality, design, performance, durability, etc. The purpose of this article is to make your choice easier. The article will go through and explain, in detail, why the specific laptop is on the list, what makes it unique, and whether or not that particular laptop will meet your requirements and fulfill your needs.

Our Best Laptops Are:

  • Microsoft Surface Book
  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • Lenovo YOGA 920
  • HP Spectre x360
  • Dell XPS 13

Why Laptop?

Selecting laptop over desktop pc presupposes several reasons. Firstly, the laptop is portable; it sits on top of your lap, something desktop pc cannot do.

In the past, desktop pcs had a significant performance advantage over laptops.

This premise holds no value today, for laptops can perform any task efficiently and rapidly when it comes to personal use.

They also take up less space and don’t require additional equipment, such as speakers to play the music or mouse to navigate the cursor (mouse pointer).

It is an all in one portable and lightweight machine.

Selecting A Laptop

This guide should help you set the standards with which you will judge laptops.

The focus is put on you and your needs, and then on the objective value of a laptop.

Why? Well, you might find an objectively valuable laptop, but it might not suit you and your needs.

That is why we will go through several parameters and several laptops, (hopefully) helping you make the right decision.


Why do you want a laptop? For personal or business use? Or perhaps both? Let us divide the needs into four categories:

Business and School: Most people need a laptop to write, research, study, create presentations, etc.

Such laptops focus on system functionality and are fairly affordable while making sacrifices on graphics cards and display.

Multimedia: These laptops excel at producing, editing and playing images, music, and videos.

Can be used for professional or personal reasons. They will emphasize storage, sound and video output.

Gaming: Obviously, gaming laptops offer optimal performance while gaming.

They are CPU and GPU focused while sacrificing battery durability.

They are more expensive than other-purpose laptops.

Web Usage: Laptops for people interested predominantly in web functionality: social media, browsing, emailing, and other web-related activities.

Selecting OS

Choosing operating system (OS) is another thing on your checklist, reasonably straightforward.

If you are an old customer buying a new laptop, then selecting operating system will not worry you.

However, if this is your first time buying a laptop, you should understand your options. Here are the four most notable ones:

Windows: by far the most used operating system, due to its simplicity and speed.

If you never used any operating system before, going with Windows is a safe bet.

Mac OS X: only Mac devices use this operating system.

It differs from Windows in some ways but does the same job.

Mac is a bit restrictive when it comes to programs and software use: the will only use their own (Apple) software.

Same can be said for Windows, but there are a lot more programs made for Windows than for Mac.

Linux: Unlike Mac OS and Windows, Linux is free.

It mostly used by software developers and computer wizards, due to its simplicity, speed, and efficiency.

However, its learning curve is very steep, and not recommended for beginners.

ChromeOS: This system is designed for laptops that are always online.

It functions only with Chromebooks and is very restrictive, able to run several web apps, nothing more.

You can find more information about operating systems in this article.

Select the Module

When selecting a module, you are primarily discussing size.

If you travel a lot, then picking netbook would be a reasonable choice.

However, you sacrifice performance for such a small size: smaller screen, less computing power, weaker display, etc.

You can opt for the standard laptops, ones that find a balance between size and performance.

Furthermore, you can choose a hybrid, laptop/tablet device.

It functions as a laptop, having laptop configuration, computing power, performance and screen size, but also has the option to use the touchscreen.

Lastly, you have the ultrabook.

Ultrabook is a child of laptop and desktop pc. It is bigger and heavier than standard laptops but offers excellent performance, similar to ones desktop pcs offer.


This is the most important part when choosing your laptop.

To make this as simple as possible, we’ve created a list of most important aspects of a laptop.

To make it, even more straightforward, you will have video guides for each of the subject.

Note this: understanding basic computer specifications isn’t rocket science and is, in fact, very logical and easy to grasp.

Let’s start:


CPU stands for the Central Processing Unit ( pretty self-explanatory) and is laptop’s brain, the object that does all the thinking, calculating, navigating, etc.

When looking for CPUs, you will commonly find either Intel or AMD processors. CPU, together with RAM, determines the speed of the laptop.


If CPU is the brain, RAM or Random Access Memory is the temporary memory of your brain.

Most laptops today offer 8 GB of RAM, some more some less. 8 is often an optimal number of RAMs and will allow you to run your laptop smoothly.

You can also purchase a laptop with 4 RAMs, but you will probably have to install additional RAM shortly.

You can also go for 16 or 32 RAMs, but if you won’t use them, it is a waste of money.


GPU or Graphics processing unit draws and arranges bits and strings into one meaningful image.

In essence, graphics card transforms code into an image, the thing you see when you turn on the laptop.

If you aren’t a gamer, then purchasing a laptop with integrated graphics is fine.

However, if you are a game, you will want to pay close attention to the graphics card and its capabilities.

Most notable manufacturers are Nvidia and AMD.


There are two types of storage: HDD and SSD.

SSD is quickly becoming a standard amongst laptops, due to its size and speed.

They also use energy more efficiently, ultimately conserving battery.

HDD offers more space usually 500 GB or 1 TB, while SSD offers 128, 256 or 512 GB, but can provide more.

You can also use a union of these two storage disks. More info on the difference between HDD and SSD can be found in this video.

Other Factors

Look for ports, inputs, and outputs (USB 2.0, USB 3.0, VGA, etc.), does it have an audio or microphone jack, does it have HDMI output, does it have DVD-room, etc.

Furthermore, check the resolution.

Today’s standard laptops commonly come in 1600*900, but the best laptops go beyond this standard.

Higher resolution usually means better image display.

The Best Laptops in Kenya List:

Finally, you arrived at the list; let’s jump into it immediately.

Microsoft Surface Book

This 13.5 laptop excels at performing multiple tasks, is cost-effective and beautifully designed.

The laptop features 13.5 inches wide touchscreen, powered by NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M dedicated graphics card.

The laptop is suitable for gamers, but is best suitable for multimedia purposes, since you can draw on screen and design on the screen.

A battery can last up to 16 hours, which makes this laptop very efficient and conservative.

However, it is not conservative when it comes to performance, featuring Intel’s i7 CPU with 2.8 GHz, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD memory: all that crafted to display clear and high-quality image on the 3000 x 2000 pixels screen.

You also have the option to add extra RAM or select larger SSD drive, but the current specifications are more than enough.

The laptop is designed for professional use and is fit for artists, designers, web and software designers, but also with jobs that involve a lot of imagery and video presentations.

It is excellent for personal use too, especially for watching movies and listening to music.

best laptops of 2018


  • Very cost effective
  • Strong CPU (i7, 2.8)
  • Dedicated GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M)
  • Excellent display
  • Able to run high-end video games


  • The battery will drain if multiple functions are running

Apple MacBook Pro

best laptops in kenya

This 13-inch laptop is powered by Intel’s i5 2 GHz (6th generation) with Turbo Boost (can go up to 3.1 GHz), 8 GB of DDR3 RAM, Intel Iris 540 graphics, and 256 SSD storage.

Apple MacBook Pro excels in its design, is very thin and lightweight.

It also has built-in Touch ID technology, and integrated stereo speakers to improve sound quality.

Sound and display are the names of the game for Apple MacBook Pro, and this laptop surely delivers in both of these departures.

The battery life is reasonable and more than enough.

However, the lack of dedicated graphics card is evident if running any new video game.

Furthermore, through having Turbo Boost technology, the 2 GHz i5 might not perform if overloaded with multiple tasks since it only has two cores.

Apple MacBook Pro is suitable for web browsing, business, and academic reasons, its design, size and lightweight making it favorable for people who travel a lot. But, if you do enjoy modern gaming, this isn’t the laptop for you.

Furthermore, the laptop uses DDR3 memory, while others use DDR4.


  • Lightweight and thin
  • Beautiful display
  • Reasonable resolution
  • Durable battery
  • SSD storage


  • More processing power would hurt
  • Lack of dedicated graphics card
  • DDR3 RAM (not DDR4, which is faster)

Lenovo YOGA 920

best laptops of 2018

Lenovo YOGA 920 uses Intel’s 7th generation i7 CPU with four cores, frequency going from 1.8 GHz up to 4 GHz.

The laptop also features 8 GB of DDR4 memory as well as 512 GB SSD storage space.

Lenovo takes pride in this 4K screen laptop, emphasizing the display and touch.

This is laptop best suitable for artists and designers, for it will guarantee the optimal performance during work.

Yoga 920 uses powerful i7 in combination with 8 GB DDR4 RAM, enough to run professional software while still performing other tasks without stuttering, thanks to the four core processor.

However, this laptop doesn’t care much about gaming or gamers, having UHD GRAPHICS 620 card.

While it is a shame that such display isn’t utilized by gamers, artists and designers will take full advantage of it.

Moreover, the laptop features Lenovo’s Dolby Atmos, a 360 degree sound emitting speakers.

Oh, and you will have a chance to talk to Cortana, you own voice-recognized personal assistant.

Also, the battery will last up to 6 hours, which is reasonable, since it does power an i7 processor.


  • Beautiful and sleek design
  • Excellent display
  • Powerful CPU (i7 7th gen with four cores)
  • Cortana and pen support
  • Windows Ink


  • Relatively poor battery performance
  • Lack of dedicated graphics card

HP Spectre x360

HP Spectre x360 is thin, lightweight, versatile, and easily rotatable (hence the 360).

Known for their battery affiliation, it is no wonder that the HP Spectre x360 can last for up to 15 hours.

Much like Yoga 920, the HP Spectre x360 also uses Windows Ink, and it seems as if it was made for designers and artists.

It uses 512 SSD storage, Intel Core i7 with two cores (you have the option to choose four cores, but it will cost more) and 8 GB of RAM.

Another laptop that prioritizes display over anything else, making it perfect for professionals and average consumers alike.

The laptop features 1920 x 1080 resolution, powered by Intel HD Graphics 620.

It won’t run the newest games and is not suitable for gaming. But this laptop is not even built for gaming, even though it is powered by the 2.5 GHz i7 with Turbo Technology capabilities.

HP unquestionably built the HP Spectre x360 for outputting audio and video content and is excellent for watching, streaming and listening.

However, it can be used for different purposes but is made for those specific reasons.


  • Thin and lightweight
  • Long lasting battery
  • Good performance
  • Windows Ink


  • Lack of dedicated graphics card
  • Though offering HD display, it is not as good as competitors offer

Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13 utilizes i7 7th generation processor with four cores, displaying its power if full HD stretched across the 13-inch screen (3200 x 1800 resolution).

It has 16 Gb of DDR3 RAM and 512GB SSD.

It is a performance orientated laptop, the only one on the list featuring 16 GB of ram, though you can opt for 8 GB if you want to save money.

Another interesting feature is the implementation of the Killer 1535 Wireless-AC adapter, offering stable and secure wifi connection.

Such technology is best utilized when playing videos, gaming or streaming.

However, despite having a good connection, it the laptop is not designed for gaming per se, but it can run games, especially older ones in optimal settings.

The laptop also features Cortana, and is built of high quality and lightweight material, all well crafted and installed into a beautifully designed case.

This laptop is suitable for businesspeople, designer, students and lightweight gamers, offering beautiful display, excellent performance.

The battery will last up to 13 hours, which is more than okay.


  • Excellent performance
  • Beautiful and original design
  • The quality 13-inch screen and display
  • Long lasting battery
  • Quality webcam
  • Fair gaming performance
  • Excellent wifi technology


  • Lacking dedicated graphics card
  • Weirdly positioned (though movable) webcam


Looking at the overall performance, battery longevity, and multifunctionality, the Microsoft Surface Book is our top choice.

This laptop features i7 processor, fantastic display and screen clarity, SSD storage, and most importantly, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M dedicated graphics card.

This card will ensure optimal performance when working, drawing, designing, watching videos and playing video games: this is the only laptop that can run high-end video games without stuttering.

Selecting any of the laptops will do the trick, some offering better performance while others feature a sleeker design and emphasizing performance.

When choosing, make sure you consider all the factors, assuring that you obtain the laptop you need, one that will perform tasks you wish to achieve.